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No matter how well you are dressed up, how much you have spent on your makeup, only those girls accessories with your outfit can garnish you well. Fashion has no end. You can only improve it bit by bit. So girls, never miss out the chance to boost up your magic. You can get a perfect set of accessories to look best. Pair up your accessories with your outfits and be ready to fascinate the crowd you just left behind.


Whether you're a frequent traveler or you're planning for a much-needed weekend break, there is a travel companion that we, women, need. And it's nothing but a chic, classy bag and purse. We've picked some of the best travel-friendly purses for you. Pick one of these and get going to the most-awaited trip.


Jewellery gives elegance, class, and elevates the glamour quotient drastically. We provide contemporary and traditional designs with grandeur. Different, unique and impeccable finesse of our collection of jewelry makes it stand out and desirable to every woman. Jewellery shopping at Sahiba will showcase different types of jewelry at reasonable price. There are various fashions and gold jewelry that is lined up with stylish and trendy jewelry completing the whole collection. Earrings, necklaces, Bracelets, bangles, Rings, diamond Pendant, gold pendant, Jewellery Set, and bridal jewellery sets make for our huge and hard to ignore collections.


A good perfume can win your hearts, even in a strange gathering. Buy desirable perfumes for women with a powerful and a big choice range. Leave a mark with the pleasant smell of your fragrance Floral, fruity, and aquatic are few of the prominent selling fragrances. International Brands that are considered as best perfumes for women such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, etc. grace our catalogue and swirl you with their fragrance. All perfumes our guaranteed authentic. Hence, shop without even an iota of uncertainty for women perfumes.